Saturday, January 3, 2009

It Came

The beautiful rose pink shawl arrived today. It is so beautiful. I have worn it off and on all afternoon. Thank you so much Barbara.
The other picture is our shoveling crew came today to ease Bob's burden of shoveling such deep heavy snow. Our son Tom, our grandson Joel, Katie and her dad Doug came and got the barn clear. That was worrying Bob and he has been getting more tired every day. Thank you so much and I hope you are all blessed for doing this.
We had an interesting late afternoon. After everyone left and we were relaxing and wishing the crew lots of good things for taking their Saturday afternoon to help us and Bob went to make a pot of coffee. He looked out the kitchen window and there were horses everywhere - ours of course. By the time we got boots on and coats and gloves grabbed I dashed out the front door and he the back door and by that time all eight of them were milling around in the middle of the road. I dashed out there (and I don't dash so good at 70 when it is 5 degrees) and waved a car to stop and got behind the herd. They all went and started down our driveway EXCEPT Pepper, he decided to kick Ditto and run her off, she trotted back to me and I had to rope or anything and she tried to go off thru the yard and got stuck in the ditch that has probably 8 or so feet of snow in it. She was thrashing around but got turned around and back on the road. She went down and back down the driveway into the barn and into her stall. In the meantime Sequoia decided to have a go at running away. I got out to the road and asked another car to stop with my frantic waving. when he saw the car he started off the the ditch over there but he got thru and made it back to the others. By that time Bob had gotten Dixie in and after some language that might make a sailor blush he got Pepper to go to his stall. He got the gate open and one by one they ambled back in. They had broken a panel loose and had almost let Rusty out too. That would have been a real hair curler. Keeps life interesting. I guess.
I am finished with the book Hope Rising by Kim Reeder. It is a wonderful book of short essays about rescued horses and rescued children. The fly leaf says " Where Wounded Spirits Run Free. Follow a horse where no one else can tread through the minefield of pain that surrounds a broken child's soul. From a mistreated horse to an emotionally starved child and back again, a torren of love revives their barren places. Come vist a place where the impossible flourishes, where dreams survie the inferno of reality - a place where hope rises." From now until the 15th. of January everyone that comments will be put in a drawing for the book. I have tried to think of some infinately new way to do it, but my mind is in its winter relaps. You might tell your other blogger friends to come over and visit.
Today is Tracey's Darling's 15th. birthday. When I talked to Tracey earlier today, she was about to make them burgers as to D's request. Happy Birthday Darling Daughter.
Now I will see if this publishes. I have started 2 times previously and something (probably me) messed up. So happy Saturday to you all.


  1. You look good in pink!

    Why did you not take time to grab your camera and take pictures of your naughty Kiger out playing in the road?

  2. Thats very pretty mom.
    Dang horses! I think the only thing that would have made it better is if you were in pj's?

  3. So glad you were able to round up your wayward horses ... LOL Boy, that would get the old adrenaline pumping! I'm in mid-Colorado and we got snow over night, but nothing like what you've gotten in WA ... holy cow! I've been reading your blog for the past couple weeks now ... more for the horse stories then anything else! I have to admit, that shawl is a beauty and you were so lucky to win it! Take care of you, your hubby and those horses! Hugs!!

  4. Bad Bad Horses ! We do look best in pink :)

  5. Honest to Pete girl! I can't imagine being able to chase down horses in deep drifting snow! You continue to amaze me.
    Love and hugs,
    PS: AS much as I'd like to read it, do not enter me in the book give-away. We won't be staying in one place long enough to get it without forwarding (which costs us some $$$)

  6. I'm glad you got some help with the snow on the barn. That's hard work, and I was hoping Bob wouldn't have to do it all.

    Crazy horses! I'm glad you got them all in safely. Sounds like a bit too much excitement. Good thing Rusty didn't get out too.

  7. Lea- I'm so thrilled that you like the shawl and it is certainly your color. Blessings always, Barbara

  8. That was pretty scary about the horses going walkies in the deep snow and ice. I'm so glad nobody was hurt. I wonder what Rusty would have done if she was with them?

  9. Thank you Tracey, loved the color. It is my favorite, And I was most anxious to get them out of the road.
    Nikki - I was.
    thank you Ms. Marcia for reading. I will have more horse stories when we can at least get to them. I wanted to ride today but it was not to be.
    Sharon, yes we do
    Joy, they got to the road in plowed roads after they got out of the field. They were glad to get back in their paddock actually.
    Andrea, me too
    Arlene, I don't know, what we would have done. Don't know what she would have done. She is kind of lazy so she would probably gone with the others.