Sunday, January 18, 2009

Computer doing tricks

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Mostly doesn't but at the moment it seems to be. My guru friend Jim is coming Tuesday to see whats up with it so I will struggle thru until then. So no one get worried if I disappear for a while, I will return.

It was like a fairy land this morning when we went to church. The sun was shining and all the trees are still white with frozen frost. It was beautiful. This evening when the sun went down it was cold out though, really cold.

Tomorrow is vet day for Raven and Abby. I hope its nothing serious for Raven. It sure looks funny for sure.

Today we had planned for our daughter Christyn's birthday and she was not up to coming. Her surgery is in just a week and is miserable. So we invited our neighbors Shannon and Ron and some friends Jim and Kathy to come to dinner. We had it complete with birthday cake and ice cream. I feel bad she was not up to coming but we enjoyed the fun and fellowship with our friends.

Don't forget that Barbara at Serentity Gate is having a wonderful giveaway for Valentines Day. Go check it out. Besides its a wonderful blog.

Oh yes, I meant to say Happy Birthday to our friend Sonny too. His birthday is the same as Chrissy's. His wife Patty is a follower of this blog.

No too much to write about today, Katie came out, our friends came and we had a nice relaxing day.


  1. Thanks, Lea, for telling everyone about my giveaway!! Good luck!!!

  2. Don't give up on your computer! We would miss you terribly if you stopped writing! Chin up darling!

  3. Oh Joy, I wouldn't give up. Just was thinking it may have to go to the shop. However, I removed all the stuff Tyler had put on and it seems to be working much better.