Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do nothing Wednesday

When Bob takes my car to work then I am afoot. Well the truck is here but the clutch is weird and I can't drive it. I probably would not go anywhere but always think I might want to when the car is gone.

We have an appointment with Dr. Jed McKinley for Raven next Monday. That is the first time we could get her in unless we wanted to pay for a farm call. It is cheaper than most because we are one of his very first customers when he came here out of college. We appreciate that. It does not seem like an emergency but is weird. One side of her upper lip is puffed up and kind of hangs over. She puts her tongue out the other side of her mouth. She is eating fine and seems happy. She won't let us look at it too close. I think there is a splinter in it or cheet grass. He could have seen her tomorrow but Bob is working and I just can't manage a weird clutch in a 6 speed truck. Especially pulling a 4 horse trailer behind it. I don't want to try to twitch her with the problem being her upper lip so we will wait for Jed to do it. Sedate her I am sure.

My foot is black and blue but it will survive. I threatened Pepper with bodily harm if he tried his little trick again. He just gave me a blank look like "Me, I wouldn't do that". I told him he was a spoiled brat. That didn't seem to faze him either.

Just 2 days left on the book drawing. Be sure to comment on the blog and then I will add your name to the Mixed Nut can. Seemed appropriate to me. The more often you comment, the more often you name goes in. Go look at The Serenity Room. She has a wonderful give away for Valentines Day. I added a Links posting to her blog. At least that is what I think it is. Well I didn't do it. Nikki did it for me.

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  1. Lea I just love reading your blog ... it's like going to visit a good neighbor and the horses are just an extra pleasure for someone who has been crazy about horses since I was a kid. Never was in a position to own one and the closest I ever got was either at a riding stable or walking through the barns at the fair! Each day is a treat to come visit you! Stay warm and cozy! Hugs ... Marcia