Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I showed Sequoia to a very nice lady. I don't know if she will buy him or not but we had a nice visit and she saw all our menagerie. I always like to talk to people who are horse people and to swap stories. She lives up between Springdale and Ford.

Katie came and played with Abby some. We began working again on showmanship details. She is going to show Abby this year. She should do OK if she can keep her nerves under control.

Pepper played a game with me this morning when I put him out. He wanted to stop and eat hay and when I wouldn't let him he deliverty stepped on my right foot. Its a might sore tonight. I slugged him on his shoulder to get him to move his foot. He looked at me like whats with you, I couldn't help it if your foot was there. Bad boy.

Other than going to Walmart to get some quilt batting and some things for salad this was just a day. Nothing exciting, nothing boring, just a day. Don't forget my book give away. I will draw on Friday morning.


  1. Lea- Nothing much going on here in Lewiston. Just lots of foggy weather. Cleaned the house a little, did my blogging and made the broccoli salad..also some cornbread. Yummy!!

  2. I wonder if this fog will ever end? It is almost as debilitating as the snow. Especially when it freezes on the road.