Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Slip some, slide some and falling off the roof

This morning I woke up to it snowing again but I did not whine and moan. I told myself, I did not have to like it but if I believed God was in control then shut up about it. So I am. Then it started to rain. Snow began sliding off the roof, it is scarey when it happens but its a good thing. I am glad all is shoveled that would be in danger.

I shoveled out my car this morning. I thought to myself how ridiculous it was. I have driven all over the place every winter. I have not this winter and now that Bob is working for a while, I am stuck here. So out came the car. I had a little trouble driving out of our place onto Christensen Rd. There is just a little rise in the road and the snow is so deep its hard to see and just as I hit the road I had to stop. Then I was stuck but with rocking the car and working at it, I got unstuck and went to buy groceries. Old Mother Hubbards Cupboard was getting low. I needed to have some fresh veggies and salad. Bob would live on hot dogs or eggs but I needed more. Don't do hotdogs anyway. I was quite proud of myself actually.

THEN, I got home and was carrying in the first 2 bags and wham, a big piece came off of the roof, hit me in the side of my head and my shoulder. It hurt. Then I could not get the storm door clear open nor closed. So I stayed inside until it was time to do the chores and sqeezed out. Bob shoveled it the rest of the way for me. The walkway between the garage and the deck is hip deep with slide off the garage. I do have a knot on my head but no permanent damage. Just scared me for a few.

When I went to put the horses out this morning Pepper decided it was his turn to get loved on. I hugged and kissed him and brushed him before he went outside. Dixie didn't care today, she wanted out and Ditto always just wants out. During the snow/rain all the horses stayed out in their pasture except Yuma the donkey. He was in the shed. He looked at me like, they are stupid, its dry in here.

Bob carried the rest of the groceries in and put them up for me as I was getting dinner. Good fellow. He likes his little job. He is working for the census bureau.

I went meaning on the BLM site where they have the horses posted that are going to be on the internet adoption starting next week. My favorite is #1653. A gorgeous grey 2 year old. He is sure nice. I think he is at the Ridgecrest facility. From Pauls valley I especially like #1041. She is from the same place as Sierra was and looks enough like her to be her sister. She was such an easy baby to work with. If we had the time, money ect. I would not hesitate to put in a bid on her. Pauls Valley is in OK> though and that is a little far to go get her. I can daydream though can't I.


  1. Your title scared me, I thought someone had fallen off the roof! But getting hit by snow and ice coming off is scary too! I'm glad you're okay.

    I checked out the internet adoption horses real quick and the only ones that caught my eye o far were the burros. Guess I'm getting it through my head that I don't need another horse, but I still want a burro! There's a real fuzzy young jennet that I would LOVE to have. I wish they dropped off closer to us. It's probably a good thing they don't.

  2. Be careful Lea. I was looking at the icicles above my door and thinking how deadly they could be. I'm going to looking at the internet adoption now. I know I shouldn't.

  3. Note to Arlene: You know what they say about icicles? The perfect murder weapon! Get rid of them ... !!!

    Lea, it is raining in Shelton too and my friend e-mailed us and said they can actually see the grass again but the basement is flooding!

    And we are complaining about a little wind and cool temps (in the 60s) here in Yuma. Will somebody slap us?!!!

    You all stay safe up there in your winter wonderland.

    Love, Joy

  4. Snow falling off your roof is dangerous!! Thank goodness you're okay!

  5. I finally got a chance to look closer at the internet adoption horses, and I agree with you, 1653 looks like a good one! There are a few others that catch my eye too, but he's really a nice one.

  6. It's a wonder you weren't badly hurt by the falling snow and ice.
    Hope things get better soon for you and your family.