Sunday, January 4, 2009

It started out sunny -

Our grandaughter wanted to cut her grandpa's hair today when he said he needed to have it done. He said he didn't care. Actually all she had to do was shave it all off with the clippers. She did a good job and was quite pleased with herself. She just turned 15 on Dec. 30th. She was born and named Nicolette Elizabeth, has always been Nikki (Little Nikki to the family) but she has decided she doesn't like her name and goes by Neddie. Oh Well, what goes on in the mind of an adolesent? I don't know for sure. She was named for her aunt Nikki.

We had a calm rest of the day. Our daughter Christyn came out with her partner Wendy and Chrissy's 3 kids. We had burgers and chips and had a wonderful day with them. They got a puppy from their father for Christmas. And live in an apartment. She asked him not too but he did anyway. He is a cute little bugger but is going to be huge. Skeeter didn't like him so much. He tried to play with him but the pup would grab his ear and swing on it. Skeeter didn't like that so much.

The snow was so beautiful this morning. Acres of diamonds shining. The sky was so blue. It was wonderful. I did not sleep well last night. I woke up feeling lethargic but after looking out at the feelings how could I not have my spirits lifted.

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  1. How sweet is that, cutting her grandpa's hair?? Cute. I love the pink scarf, too!!

    You'll have to give me the details on that beef, is my email address.

  2. Hey Grandma Lea! Just thought I'd leave a note telling you I was thinking of you guys in all that snow! Maybe when your snow melts we'll be able to see you...someday. Hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful begining to the new year!