Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Life and Times of Ditto

This is my 28 year old mare. She is a registered Paint. Her registered name is Cuttin Loose. She is an own daughter of Tinky Spook. I got this idea from Linda. She is highlighting her horses. So I am snitching the idea. I have had her since she was 4. She took me too the top in both English and Western Pleasure. I even drove her a couple of years but she did not like that too much. Actually not at all. She is the smoothest horse I have ever ridden. She is wonderful with kids, just ambles around.
This is Ditto as she looks now. Well almost, now she is dirty and has a long icky coat. She is definitely my horse. She does not like men. She tolerates Bob. I call her grumpy granny. She has had 3 foals. I know where 2 of them are. She also had a set of still born twins and aborted one at 6 months. I was devestated at her losses. All of her babies were colored like her and she was always bred to a solid QH. It the market had been better I would have probably let her have more but it was hard to sell them even then.

She looks like a grumpy granny doesn't she? He is not as bad as the looks she gives you. She has not been an affectionate lovey horse. She tolerated me hanging on her but didn't love me back like others have. She would intimidate a stranger but never has done anything bad in her life. She wants you to think so too.

This is a picture that was professionally taken of her and me. You can not see the crack in the glass when it is hanging on the wall. It was in an exhibition of her work and it got cracked when I picked up and was on the way home. I think that was about 10 years ago.
She is my best horsey friend and knows every secret I have. Sometime I just have to go and ride her for a while. Just after this picture was taken I was riding out in front of our place and went down into the ditch when a big truck was going by. She stepped on a stick and ran it up in the sole of her foot into her navicular bursa. She was not rideable for about 3 years. She is not sound for long rides but does well around here. She will be here until she draws her last breath and then she will be buried next to Star. I know its not legal but I dare anyone to stop me.
Last night we went to a Back Country Horsemen committee meeting over in Post Falls. We were planning our years rides both work parties and fun rides. It will be a fun year. Tonight is our Mustang Club meeting at Perkins at Argonne and Mission. We will be planning our years activities too.
Don't forget to check out the give away at Serenity Room. Its a great blog and a great give away.
Tomorrow will be Rosies day.


  1. Wonderful idea to highlight your horses. I love reading their stories.

    Love, Joy

  2. She looks wonderful for her age!! I feel bad that she stepped on that stick and had such a horrible injury and that she had such a hard time with some of her pregnancies, but it sounds like she got through it all and she's still living a good life. That professional picture of you is magnificent, too! I hope to meet her someday. I love to hear people's horse stories, by the way! And, I'm surprised you don't have ALL Mustangs!

  3. Well Linda, I had Ditto before we discovered Mustangs and then the ponies just happened and the rest are.

  4. Joy, I am glad you like their stories. They are each so special. And I love hearing from you.