Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Bryant

Our back yard. We went to town today to get some grain, cat food ect., go to the Used Book Store and the stuff you just have to do once in a while. I was getting cabin fever and so I jumped at the chance to get out for a while. However, we had never seen traffic in Spokane like that, the roads are awful, the drivers were rude and drove like idiots. 3 lane roads are barely 2. It was horrid so we came home the back way out Seven Mile Rd. to Coulee Heights Rd. up Brooks to Christensen and home. The roads needed plowing in places but with a 4x4 it was good and NO traffic or people trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic out of a parking lot. Grrrrrrrr. There, that is off my chest.

Happy Birthday Bryant. I love you and can not believe you are 18 already. I hope we get to see you soon. Your card will be in the mail tomorrow. Grandma is late as usual.

Didn't clean saddles today, opted to go to town. Probably wouldn't have a head ache if I had stayed home and done that.

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