Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I promised myself I would not piss and moan about the weather a while back but seem to have been slipping back into that frame of mind. You all, at least those who know me and those who have been reading my blog a while know that I don't tolerate grey days well. I get depressed and tuckered out ect. So I don't need to keep elaborating on it.

Bob and I have a meeting in town this evening so I am writing this little ditty early with not a whole lot to tell anyone. Have a dozen things I would like to go to the store for but Bob has my car. If it were parked out in front, I probably wouldnt think of a thing I wanted to do. I do need some blank CD's. Jim came yesterday and showed me how to do a couple of things and if I want to remember, I need to do it. I had a ton of pictures on my computer I needed to take off.

The horses are all just fine and dandy. Raven seems to be eating better but her nose is still funny looking. We have to give her 6 cc's of the steroid tonight. So far she doesn't seem to mind the shot too much.

Tomorrow some people are coming to look at Sequoia. We would sure like to sell him. He needs to go somewhere where he gets ridden and used alot more than he does here.

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  1. Give her time to change her mind about the shot! Ha ha--I'm sure it'll be fine.

    As for the weather it really makes going to the barn hard--as I've been blogging about today. It's the wet cold I hate. This winter has been a tough one.