Monday, January 12, 2009

Foggy foggy foggy

Breakfast this morning. From the bottom Raven,Abby, Liberty,
Sequoia, Yuma and Rosie.

Although the picture on the left is not so good these two heifers were twinds that were born the middle of March last year. They have thrived and done so well. They are Molly and Polly but I will be jiggered if I know which is which. They are both so black now. One was really brown when she was born and the other black. Now.........One is larger. I just call them Molly/Polly. We will keep them.
We had an interesting evening after I signed off last night. Things change so quickly some times. Bob was soaking in the bathtub preparing for this week of work. The house phone rang, I answered it. It was a young woman who was very upset and on the verge of tears. She and her husband were from Post Falls and had come over to ride on the Columbia Plateau trail out of the Amber Lake trailhead. When they got back to the truck, it would not start. They had just spent 3,500 dollars on repairs on it. They had it towed back to wherever they had the repairs done but could find no one to tow their goose kneck trailer. With their horses in it. They had called all over. At some point they called some friends of ours from Rathdrum and they gave them our number. Bob got dressed, put the gooseneck hitch in the truck. We have both a 5th. wheel and a gooseneck hitch for the truck. He went to the trailhead, got the trailer and took them home to Post Falls and then home about 1:30 this AM. They paid him but he would not take it all. We might need it some day. It all turned out OK.
I did the chores this morning and as usual (well most of the time) I had my little camera in my pocket. I was not as early as Bob so they were very glad to see me. I made Rusty let me pet her shoulder and her neck before I would let her eat. The pasture horses were glad to get their hay. And Yang our barn kitty told me in no uncertain meows that I was late with his breakfast too.
This afternoon I got a call about Sequoia. We need to sell him. The grandkids don't come often enough to ride him. Sheya thinks he is hers but she can ride Rosie. The lady works in Airway Heights and will come tomorrow to see him. It has to be a really special home though or he stays here. He is past 20 and a great pony.
Bob got new tires for the front of my car. He was still fuming that it would not go up Deep Creek Hill on Sunday. The tires were pretty worn out. It will go now.
My friend Barbara at the Serenity Gate asked us to list 6 things we are thankful for. Can you list 6? I did. Have many but I kept the 6. l. My 6 children both living on the earth and living with Jesus. 2. My relationship with the Lord 3. Grandchildrens smoochy kisses 4. Bob - 51 1/2 years of loving 5. My friend Louise that I have had as a friend since we were 4 6. My poodle Skeeter.


  1. Lea- I feel such a kindred spirit with you, even though we are just bloggy friends!! Blessings, Barbara

  2. That was nice of Bob to get up like that and help those people. He deserves a big THANKS! Good luck today-I hope the lady who is coming to see the pony will be a good home.