Sunday, January 11, 2009


Turn right and go.5 miles and you are at my front door. Not a whole lot of snow left but when it freezes we have an ice arena. We tried to go the back way into church this morning but could not get up the other side of the hill. Solid ice, so we could not get up the hill we had just came down (didn't try) so we went out Deep Creek Rd. to Hiway 2. That made us late for church and you who know me know how much i love being late. It makes me sick to my stomach. Only one of my kids inherited that trait. Steve would rather not go than be late and that is my feeling exactly. Hate it.

Bob finished cleaning the stalls nice and clean today so the horses have nice clean stalls this evening. We didn't do much else. We were going over to our friend Cathy's to help her with her mustang but ice is not something we wanted to deal with. We will go when the weather is better. He is a big horse, over 16 hands and a bit intimidating just by size. He is going to make a great horse though, just have to get to him this one last thing.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. I am counting on it. One of my New Years Goals, I don't call them resolutions is to get out at least once a week when the weather is nasty and every day when its nice to work with the horses. Maybe Rusty, maybe another. It will be good for whoever and for me too. I do the chores every evening during the week but that is not what I mean. I want to work up a sweat on me.

Don't forget Hope Rising, my book giveaway. Just thru Thursday. Am getting a nice list to draw from. The more often you comment the more often you get entered. Go look at The Serenity Gate blog. She has a wonderful give away going until Valentines day.


  1. Good goal! I need to get out with Beautiful A LOT this week while it's nice. She's shunning me.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being late. I can't stand it and it makes me a nervous wreck. I had rather stay home than be late. I start planning hours before an event and if I'm not on time, something is probably wrong, so somebody better check on me.

  3. So sorry to hear about the ice rink. Mine is just now melting from beneath my manure pack. The horses steadfastly refused to leave the paddock during the snow and rain, so by the time everything melted enough for me to get a wheelbarrow in, there was 6" of build up throughout...and wet, which means heavy, and I'm still finding ice chunks.

    Hope you can get over to help Cathy out soon!

  4. Barbara - you said once in a comment maybe we are sisters. I think we might be. Can not stand being late.

  5. Oh, I hate being late too! Maybe we are sisters too -- I also have a daughter named Nicolette who goes by Niki -- Started out as being Nicki - -but her boyfriend in high school misspelled it once, and she looked at it and decided she liked it better without the "c" so she's been Niki ever since.

    Lea, that is a great goal and I need to get out more too. It's so hard to know what to do when you don't have good footing, though. Our ground is lumpy-bumpy with frozen clumps of snow. I'll have to look around and see if I have anywhere on the property that I can do a little ground work or something.

    Sheesh...this is Laura -- have to log in anonymous from work