Saturday, January 10, 2009


Not much today. Bob went and got 8 big bales of hay. He found a good deal on some nice hay in Greenbluff. Much closer than where we got most of our hay this past summer in Fruitland and that was way more. I think we have enough now to make it thru the rest of the winter. We still have bales of good alfalfa hay that I feed to the old girl and some to the others in the barn.

We may have a horse visiting for a while. He did not call today. Some friends of ours that have been separated for some time are going to try to resurrect their relationship and need a temporary place for the horse. Please pray for them, there are 2 children involved who have had a really hard time.

I need to go to Walmart and get the batting for Jade's quilt. Have it nearly ready to put together. Its turning out nice. Different than the one I made for her brother Sky for his birthday. I wish she could remember by mother but she died before Jade was born. I have had the flannel I backed it with since I "inherited" a barrel of fabric from mama. I think that is about the last of it. I would have used it on one of the older kids when I get to them but its a pink print and she is the only one who would like pink. She is 11.

Don't forget the book drawing after next Thursday. You will enjoy it and it is an easy read.


  1. Lea, thanks for stopping over at The Serenity Gate and good luck on my BIG GIVEAWAY!!