Monday, September 15, 2008

A sunny Monday

These are pictures from our trail ride. I did not take any during the BBQ. I just was too busy doing stuff and talking to people and I forgot to pick up my camera. Again, it was a great ride.
Bob announced this morning that we were going to Portland in the morning. I know we had been talking about it since January. I have a 92 year old uncle there that I really need to see. He used to live in Hermiston and we could go down there for the day. Not so easy to see him in Portland. He is my mothers baby brother. He has 6 kids but only one seems to pay much attention to him. They live near his youngest daughter. Then we will go up to Puyallup to see my other living uncle. He is 92 also and is my dads baby brother. They both are dear to me and I am thrilled that at 70 I still have living uncles that I can visit with. We will be home Thursday evening.
Bob worked a long time with Rusty today. He put the rope halter on her like Kitty Lauman uses. The one she uses that she uses a rope with a ring and puts it around their neck then puts it around their nose. Rusty did not like it at all and pitched a real fit to start with but by the time he was thru she was kind of leading and coming up to him with just a tiny bit of pressure. He took a brush and brushed her on both sides with it. She did not like it too much but she did not bolt off. She stood there while he took the halter off and the rope from around her neck. I did not do anything with her. I had laundry to do and packing to get done and give a riding lesson and make some phone calls, go to the bank and deposit the ride money etc.
I may be on line Wed. evening and can add to the blog but don't know. Depends on when we get to Nikki's. Will be home on Thursday though.

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  1. Hope you have a great trip!

    Looks like the trail ride was great. I wish I could have been there...