Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fair day

Katie had her day at the fair today. She did very well. She got a red ribbon in showmanship. She needs to learn to not be tentative and to present herself with the horse. She had never done it before so it was good and a learning experience.
In halter with both Abby and Pepper she got the top blue just under the two championship horses out of 8 or 10 horses. I was proud of her and of the mustangs. It was an all other breeds class so there were Tennessee Walkers, Morgans etc. in the class. She presented the horses well and they cooperated. Pepper has done it all before and is totally bored but Abby had never been to a show before.
I meandered around the fair for a while, ate some lunch and meandered some more then came home and wilted in the recliner until it was time to do chores. Rusty had a total day off and I am not sure she liked it. When I took her hay into her she looked at me like "well where have you been"? I talked to her a minute but was tuckered so came back in and sat around until Bob got up. I guess he had a hard time sleeping today so he slept later.
I am off to bed. Besides being tired still have the remnants of the headache. Hate it when I have one of these bombers.

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