Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday evening

The top picture is my favorite of Liberty. She has gotten so sweet while Tyler is working with her so often. He still needs to get on the first time.
The bottom one is Rusty doing that slow wonderful western jog that will be so fun to ride. I went into her pen and was determined to pet her. I had to get the rope on her and flip it over her nose to make a halter. That worked quite well until she got stung on the chest and just about mowed me over. Not her fault though. I know it hurt. Lena got stung in the pen beside her and was going a little crazy too. I did get up to her shoulder and took the rope off and let her go and let her out into the round pen away from the swarm of little bees that were after then. Felt so bad for them.
This is the last horse show weekend of the season. I am working the gate both days. I have a good voice I guess. Loud anyway.

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