Friday, September 26, 2008

A good Friday

Had a really nice Friday. A girls day lets eat and play with horses. What could be better? The top picture is my friend Laura and her bestest pal Lyric. He is a sweetheart and I think they made a great pair. We had fun playing with him - well she played with him and I took pictures.
The second picture is Andrea with Lyric. She used to own him. Andrea was our driver today and I led her on a chase trying to get to where Lyric is boarded because they are working on roads I didn't know they were. Make sense? Andrea has Tonka. Her blog is Mustang Saga. She is part of our Mustang Club.
The bottom picture is of Lyric and the reflection in his eye. I did not know that would show up like that. Intrigued me.
Thank you girls for sharing you day out with me. I loved it and lunch was good too. Thank you so much Andrea.
We played a little with Rusty. Did not take her to the roundpen as she was being really silly with me again. Bob worked with her this evening and of course you know how she was........good. We 3 spent time in the field with our other group too. Liberty who is kind of standoffish with strangers usually fell in love with Laura. And Yuma let Andrea handle him especially after a treat of some hay. They all wanted to vie for attention. Laura ambled over to a trailer that is parked out there and she was like the pied piper. They all followed her over there and stood around her while she sat on in for a while. They all loved her. It was cool to watch.
Tomorrow is the Panhandle Back Country Horsemen's Extreme Trail Challenge. I will be one of the judges. Have to leave here by 7 AM to get to Rider Ranch by 8. Cathy Johnson is also one of the judges and she is coming to ride with me. It will be fun day and the weather is supposed to be good. Katie is going to ride, Tyler is taking Dixie to ride around. He does not want to do the ride. I wish he would but he doesn't want to.
A good day and I am ready to call it a night.

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