Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A lovely day in the neighborhood.

It was just about a perfect day out today. Not too hot, not cold, just nice to get out and work in it.

Rusty got the day off kind of. I put a blue tarp over the fence. She about had a coronary but settled down. I rattled it every time I walked by. She freaked out each time but always swung around and looked at it. I put her supper up against it. She looked at me like darn you. Now I have to go toward it. She snuck up on it and grabbed a bite. It was funny.

I helped Katie work with Abby. She needs to look at some videos so she understands from someone else why and how. Abby is very quick to catch on. When her back is healed she will start riding her again. And we worked on Peppers mane some. Tomorrow his gel cast comes off and we will see if he is not limping. I think he will be fine. No riding for another month though. She will just show him at halter and do showmanship with him. That will be OK.

She rode Lena today and is in love. She will condition her and get her ready to sell. She is a big horse, much different than the shorter mustangs she is used to. She will ride her western but she has been ridden English a lot too.

No pictures today, did not take my camera outside except to take my daily picture. It is of our hay.

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