Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A rainy evening.

This is our Katie with the horse she is conditioning to sell. Lena is a registered paint mare. About 15h3. She and Katie are hitting it off good.

Rusty did better today with me. She let me touch her with 2 hands unless I tried to touch her face and then she left. We had a little episode of turning her rear to me but the rope helped that. As usual when Bob went down to work with her she was much better. He got all the dread locks out of her mane with his fingers. She let him. But when he tried to touch her face she left for him too. I think she is trying to avoid us taking control with a halter again. Bob thinks so too. We just have to continue to convince her that we are not going to hurt her and it will be OK. She is really much more relaxed with Bob than me for some reason. It is so different than with Sierra who really loved me and wanted to please me. Rusty would be happy if I never went into her pen again. Maybe that is the difference from a yearling and a 3 year old. I don't know. I love her anyway.

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