Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is a sign I bought my husband a few months ago. Fortunately he thought it was funny too. He calls himself an old cowboy so I just could not resist and he is the one who put it up on the end of the house by the back door.

I worked with Rusty today. It is the first time I have worked with her that I felt like I had accomplished anything. I could not walk up to her and attatch the rope. I had to toss the rope over her neck and hold it until she let me touch her. Then I could do the rope. She would not lead down the alleyway so I got her headed her that way and I picked up the rope. She did really well. Lunging both ways easily, backing and let me rub her on both sides and she flexed her head easily to the left, not so to the right but I got more of a flex than Bob has. She would not lead for me at all. Step by step with pressure and release. She will lose her 6 foot panels this week and go back to our 5 foot ones and we can return the ones we borrowed. She is not going to try the fence. Don't think she ever would have but we did not want to take a chance.

So after going to the doctor this morning and getting a good report, working Rusty and having a good Mustang Club meeting this evening, its been a good day.

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  1. I love your old cowboy sign. Your doing so well with Rusty. Echo doesn't ever act like he wants to go over the top of the fence. He always looks like he wants to go under it. ??? He digs too. He's dug some holes near the fence that I always manage to fall into. I think he's trying to trim his own hooves.