Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday evening

I intended to write here last night and tell all about the ride but was so tired I went to bed. Just skimmed over e mails and that was that. I don't even have the few pictures I took off the camera yet. Not feeling on top of the world this evening but will live.

Our ride was wonderful. We had 45 riders besides Bob and Tyler. A few things we will know next time what to do and what not to do but for a first event of this nature I for one was quite proud of it. 3 people somehow got lost and were really mad. For some reason it was my fault. It made me want to yell back at them but I took a deep breath. I offered them their money back but they declined and said they would have lunch. Then they left. Made me grind my teethe. Parking was a problem but it worked out and other than a couple of people who did not want to go with the plan to get everyone out safely it went well. The main problem with exiting was a horse that would not load. A man who wanted to "help" took a piece of small plastic pipe and hit the horse with it several times. Did not work of course. Ultimately they brought the truck/trailer up and to the main area and the horse would not load. She finally reared and came down on the edge of the back of the trailer and I thought she was fatally wounded. They walked her down to a farm but I don't know the end result. I hope and pray she is OK.

At the same time the mare was not loading a big appy gelding decided he wasn't going home either but Tyler got him in. He was a big horse and a small trailer. Both were young horses and neither had loaded good to come.

Other than those 2 instances, things went pretty well. Some got stung on the trail and some horses got stung. One guy got dumped off his mule but not hurt, just tore his nice shirt. The trail was fine and it was a beautiful day. We had lots of food, people ate all they wanted, we visited with alot of new friends and we got to share our mustangs and talk about mustangs to alot of people. There were some mustangs on the ride but most were not. It was open to everyone. We had ponies, big horses, arabs, mules, you name it. And we had fun around the bbq for lunch and most had a great time.

I guess what I learned is that you can't please everyone and we did the best we could. I will be posting the end results at out Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club (maybe no horse in the title) Yahoo site for those who are interested. That is where we post alot of stuff - our meetings ect. Feel free to join it and keep track of us. Or better yet come to our meeting on the last Thursday of each month at Perkins at Argonne/Mission just off I90.

Rusty got pretty well ignored other than being fed this weekend. Oh yes, she got fed twice this evening - Lena too. They lied to me and told me they had not eaten. I thought Tyler had forgotten. So I fed them again. Tyler did go in and pet her today. He got onto her right side which I have not been able to do since week one. Bob has not had time much to do anything. He has been working nights as security at the fair and has not been too successful at sleeping during the day. His last night was last night so maybe our lives can get back to normal.

Our grandson Lane had a birthday today. He was 10. I asked him what I could get him and he told me catapillars that turn into butterflies. Can I buy them? Never had that request before. He is a bug boy. If he does not turn out to be a bug adult what ever they are called I will be shocked. He likes to come here because we have big grasshoppers.


  1. Yes you can buy caterpillers that turn into butterflies...and I'm so helpful, hahaha, not. I can't remember the name of it, but it's a whole kit you buy. Don't yell at me Nikki... :)

  2. Entomologist is the word you are looking for.