Sunday, September 28, 2008

A lazy Sunday - the last weekend of September

No pictures today. Meant to take it to the round pen when Bob was working with Rusty but I forgot it and was too lazy to come back and get it. Sorry. I just could not seem to get motivated too much today. Took a nap after church and just sort of putzed around.

Bob did good with Rusty. Got both of her front feet picked up. First with the rope and then with his hand. Not too long but a good start. He is going to work on that most of all in the days to come because her front feet are awful and need to be trimmed. I think she is short striding on one side at a trot and he thinks its her feet. She will do much better for Bob so I may just have to back off until he gets feat accomplished. She did not even want to walk out of the round pen with me standing by the gate. She finally did. I kept telling her I loved her and talking softly to her but she does not trust me nor even like me for some unknown reason. I was the first to really touch her maybe she is still holding that against me. I don't know.

Tomorrow is another day. Hope the weather is as nice. I worked a little in the tack room today sorting and cleaning and putting away. Want to get more done and I got some wood stripper today to strip the wood on my shaves on my big cart. Bob should have the new body done soon. At least that is what he says. It is going to be really pretty all oak and brass. It will probably be spring before I get to use it but thats OK. I have waited a long time. I have used it alot and it needed to be rebuilt. It has big wheels. I am going to take the wheels to an Amish wheelright I think and have them gone over. I think there is one out near Springdale. Will have to look into that.

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