Friday, September 12, 2008

A hectic day

What a busy day. Did not realize all I needed to do before the Mustang Club Ride tomorrow. Need to get up early and early and I don't always get along well. Better than Tyler though and he needs to get up early too. Katie will be here by quarter to 7. I want to be on the road shortly there after.

Am watching a draft horse show on RFD TV. Am so impressed with those big horses. We used to have a part shire gelding named Beuford. He was such a wonderful horse. He was our son Tom's riding horse but then he discovered girls and cars and Beuford got left in the dust and we sold him.

Rusty still is not being good to me. Bob worked with her for a long time. She let him touch her on her right side which has been a nono. She still swings her rear to me. I did get both hands on her neck and brushed her mane with me fingers and rubbed her back to her hip. Finally I left at that point. Tyler did well with her too. She must be a mans horse. Tyler rubbed clear down her front leg and took ahold of the pastern. She just let him do it. He is so proud of himself when he can do stuff like that.

Dixie and Raven are in stalls for tomorrow and Lena is in the round pen. All waiting to load. I gave Dixie some oats. Since we had her teeth done she is gaining some weight. I am so relieved. It was beginning to worry me. Tyler is going to ride her tomorrow and he hasn't before. I hope he can stay off her face. He is riding with a mechanical hackamore. Have not tried to put a bit in her mouth since her teeth were taken care of. She seems to like that best anyway.

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