Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I did not go anywhere

We have been having telephone line problems for 3/4 days. I think its repaired as of this morning. Our friend Jim Spring who is unemployed at the moment but knows this stuff came and thinks he found the problem outside.. When the phone is out, so is my computer.
This past weekend I worked at a horse show out in the Spokane Valley at the Valley Mission Arena. What a change of weather. Saturday we ate dust and it was very warm. Was glad I had worn my baseball cap and sunglasses. HOWEVER on Sunday the bottom picture explains it all. I thought I had dressed warm and dry enough but went thru 3 outer wear outfits and was soaked thru by the end of the day. The longer the day went, the fewer the competitors. It was awful.
Isn't the little mule a cutie in the top picture. Her name is Gidget. I believe she won high point English 5 years and under. She rode her in a D Ring snaffle bit.
Our Katie rode Lena and did OK. Some 4Th. and 5Th. It was good practice and this was her first show and the other horses have been showing all year. Katie was a little nervous I think and that made Lena nervous too of course. If she had shown in a couple more classes she would have done better. She is preparing this week for next Saturday and the Panhandle Back Country Horsemen Trail Challenge. I think she will do better at that. At least at this point.
After 2 days off because of the downpour of rain Bob worked with Rusty today. She thought at first that NO WAY not today but Bob said oh yes you are. He got a halter on her. Its Dixie's but it was handy. He got her into the round pen and worked her on a long line. She did not want to go to the right and had a hissy over it but he persisted and pretty soon she was going each way easily. She turned and faced him easily too and after about 45 minutes had unclenched her jaw and was relaxing. By the time they were done he was handling her on both sides and he led her down the aisle way back to her pen on a loose line. Very very proud of her. She certainly is not as easy as Sierra but she is 3 and she was 1.
Thursday evening the 25Th. this week is our Mustang Horse Club meeting at Perkins restaurant at 6:00 PM. The restaurant is at Mission and Argonne just off I90. Would just love to meet anyone new. We are still a small group but growing. Old timers, will be glad to see you too.

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