Thursday, September 4, 2008

A very busy day

No pictures today. Was so busy I didn't take my camera out with me. Bob and I both worked with Rusty this morning. We began tossing the rope all over her. It took about 3 tosses before she said, OH OK your not hurting me. Bob is much more adept with the rope than I am but I got it better later.

Katie came to get ready for the fair = bathing 2 horses etc. I think she got it all together OK. I know its tough but no one did it for me when I was getting ready to do the same. I gave her a list of stuff to bring and trust she did. I had to go to a meeting at 6 so left before she and Bob did. He called a while ago and she is all settled in. She really wants me to come out Sat. AM. I think I will try but I am not going to do all the grunt work for her. She will only learn by doing it. I know she thinks I am being obstinate but she needs to do it. I did help her bathe and get organized.

I am very tired and this is Bob's first night at the fair. He is working nights as security in the cattle barn.

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