Saturday, September 27, 2008

A great Saturday

Katie won second place in her age division at the Extreme Trail Challenge today. I think she was a might overwhelmed but did well. Was proud of her.

Everything else kind of went by today. I judged the side-pass area and other than the first person thru who had a very uptight horse that went over backwards with her. It was a 12 year old child. The horse landed on her with her shoulder across a small log. When I said call 911 her mother looked at me and said why? I nearly had smoke coming out my ears. There was an EMT or 2 in attendance. She was OK just terrified but not because her mother did anything but scream as loud as her daughter. A way I did not want to start the day, however the next 34 riders did OK. Only one got a really perfect score but others came close. It was challenging but not impossible.

The Rider Ranch provided us with a good sack lunch and the weather was wonderful. A perfect day for a ride thru the trees. It was up and down and over and around. Sounded fun to me. Tyler took Dixie and just rode her around. He was chicken to try the course but he did gallop her all over the meadow. Cracked me up. His long hair flying just having a good time. She is still too thin but don't know what else to do besides what we are doing. I think her teeth had been bad so long its going to take time. She certainly has gotten light riding this summer.

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