Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I can't get pictures to upload tonight so its no pictures. Darn. I rode my old paint horse today for a while and it was like coming home. She is the most smooth horse I have ever ridden in my life. She was glad to have me get on her. When I got off she pressed her head against my chest and just stood there. Made me get teary.

Tyler did not get on Liberty yet but was all over her. She loves him and when its right I know she will just let him.I know he is a little nervous about it.

Bob and I both played with Rusty some. Mostly though she had different people all over around the pen and trucks going by, four wheelers and strange horses. I put Sierras big purple ball in with her and the wind blew it around. She is getting used to it. A blue tarp blowing caused some trauma but she will get used to it. Bob can go in and pet her w/out picking up the rope. I was going to change her halter today but too much else going on around here. We cleaned up all the scrap metal that is recyclable today and loaded it on a trailer. Bob will take it in latter this week.

A neighbor gave Katie a project. They have a paint mare they want her to ride and help sell. They got her for their foster daughter, gave her lessons, paid for shows did so much for her and in turn she wrecked their pick up and ran away and is telling people they kicked her out. Not so. Anyway they want to sell Lena. She is a big nice mare with a lot of training. They want $2000.00 for her and that is a bargain. Katie has her mustang Abby to ride too when her back is totally healed up from where she went under something and scraped it pretty deep the morning that the entire group ran amok, thru a fence about 3 times so who knows what she did to it but she has to stay off her until it is healed. This will give her something to do.

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