Wednesday, September 10, 2008


No pictures today. Took some but they were no good so deleted them.

Bob worked with Rusty today for quite a long time. I stayed out of her pen. He was able to get the rope around her neck and put it around like a halter. She did quite well until Yang, the barn cat came and crawled into the tarp at the side of her pen and moved around. She was quite sure that blue tarp was going to eat her. He kept a hold of her though and she let him pet her on both sides. He also took in a brush and brushed that beautiful long flowing mane. She did not seem to mind too much. She certainly likes and responds to Bob more than me. Oh well...........Life is tough sometimes.

Nothing much else happening today. Katie filled out the paperwork for a couple of things she is going to do with Lena. I got her papers today so I could check her pedigree out and see how old she is. She is 11 and in top form.

I am weary, although did not do much outside today. We did some cleaning up down around the barn. It seems the more we dig out the more stuff that accumulates. It does not help that Bob is a pack rat.

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