Monday, September 29, 2008

Can this be the end of September

A beautiful day in our neighborhood today. Love these warm fall days.

This was house day. Changing the bed, etc etc etc. Made chicken burritos for dinner. Used my mothers recipe and I am still too full to think about dessert and a friend sent over a homemade apple pie this evening. It may be breakfast.

Bob changed the panels on Rusty's pen. She now has 5' panels. She has never challenged a fence at all. We borrowed the 6' panels from Cathy Johnson and we would not have needed to I am sure. Bob did not do too much with her today - Rusty - He did pick her right front foot up and held it for a second or so. Then she followed him around the round pen. No rope attached to the halter at all. He went up to her shoulder and put his arm clear over her back and she let him give her a hug. He was thrilled and then snapped just a lead rope on her and took her back to her new 5' tall panel pen.

The funniest horse thing today was when Bob was bringing the 5' panels up thru the little pasture where Lena is and she tried to help him Every time he slowed down a little she was in front of him. Looked him in the eye like "what you doing, huh, can I help, " She was really funny. There are some people coming up from Ritzville to look at her on Wednesday. It will be during the day and I will have to ride her. Hope she will let me use the stool to get on. I will try to ride her tomorrow. She is 15 hands 3 and I am short and old. I am not afraid to ride her, she is just tall.

I had the best surprise today. I got an e mail from Maureen who adopted Sierra and Sierra is doing real well. She can not be in too big a pen because she has turned out to be a fence jumper. And fat. That surprises me but I was thrilled to hear about her. She said she is sweet and loves attention and she takes her for walks in the foothills around their place in Reno. She promised to send me some pictures soon.

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