Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday June 12th.

Dustin, know on Nikki's blog Life With Boys - I wrote it wrong the other day. Don't know where my brain was = Heir Aparant - Dustin turns 26 today. I can hardly believe he is that old. This picture was taken on my birthday when I was at Nikkis after her surgery. He was bbq'ing my birthday dinner in the rain. When she asked me what I wanted and I said burgers, I did not know it was going to downpour. He did it for me. Such a sweet boy. I called him on his cell phone today and sang happy birthday to him and left it as a message. Its tradition. Happy Birthday sweet boy (young man) Today our siding arrived on a big truck. I hope they had delivered other siding. A huge truck for what they put on the ground would be kind of hysterical.
I think the young man driving the truck though I might be a little wacky when I was clicking pictures while he put the truck thru its paces. We have decided to make more changes than just siding the house and the ugly porch. We are going to put a door in the kitchen where the window out to the deck was. I have wanted that for a while. Besides, we are removing the deck and making a patio instead.

I don't think we can afford to pour a cement one this year after siding. So, gravel it will be. We will have a small back porch and a small area coming out the new door both with stairs down to the patio. We may use paver stones of some kind. I got most of the stuff off the deck today. Bob needs help to get the bbq off. The things I had painted purple, I am going to paint bright yellow. I am excited about it. Sunday we will go to the Ugly Duck store and see if they have a door like we want. Or like I want anyway.

I wonder what he would have done if Bob had not been here to help him unload it. I wanted to open one and see the color of it. However, just as I was gathering my camera back up and getting ready to go out the door a huge bang of thunder sounded, and i headed back inside rather quickly. I hate, I said I HATE thunder and lightening. So the color reveal will have to wait for another day. It rained like mad for a while but has quit now. This storm cell seems to have gone on to harrass someone else.
Tomorrow we have a Mustang Horse Club ride planned for Riverside State Park at 10 AM. I hope it does not storm in the morning. If its not so hot that will be good. I am going to ride Dixie. I have my stuff all laid out. Tomorrow I will have pictures of us riding.
Remember: Never do today what you can put till tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light to what is best to be done.
Aaron Burr.
Have a clear view and have a nice Saturday.

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  1. I like patio's better then decks! I really loved your purple:)