Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Super Sunday

Today after church Bob and I went down to do a compliance check for the BLM. We are volunteers and having been through their training program. We went to Arlene of the blog "My Mustang Wildairo" Although she now has Echo too. We met her husband Brad and her son Williams also. Wildairo is a beautiful horse. He has not liked strangers but he came right up to Bob and ate carrots from his hand. They have had some trouble with a farrier and he needs a front foot trimmed. I told her I thought they might want to try a different one who would spend more time with Wildairo first and get to know him. Other than that he is an awesome horse.
This is Arlene's other horse Echo. He is black bay and is stunning. He will take a carrot from Arlene but she can not touch him. She is working a plan to get a halter on him with a catch rope. I am sure she will make big progress then. His year is not up until the last of August so we will go back then to check him out. He is going to max out over 15 hands I think. Wildairo will be close. Both are beautiful mustangs and she is proud of them both. She is level headed about their training and I was impressed.
Bob talked farming and cows ect. after he looked at thoses horses. Brad has the most beautiful pure alfalfa hay for $125.00 a ton. Bob and I are thinking of a couple of tons but we have not had time to talk too much. He slept all the way home and I drove.

This is Arlenes old horse Foxsun. He does not look too well and he has something growing under his chin. He is a delightful old horse that loves his belly scratched. In face he will come and nearly lean on you to get you to rub it

This little guy was standing by the fence just down the road from Arlenes. He is sooooo cute. We just had to stop and take his picture.
I want to say hello to Arlene's auntie in England. Arlene says she reads my blog. Thank you.
I wanted to elaborate a little more on our ride yesterday. We saw lots of deer. One was laying down not too far from the trail. Lots of bugs and a great deal of mosquitos. It was fun though and I hope we will do it again before too long. I must get a trail map though so we don't wander like we did part of the time. Hello again to Charlie who had been at our last meeting, Terri and Melissa.
Remember: Always and never are two words you thould always remember never to use.
Wendell Jones.
Hope your Monday is a day you will love.


  1. I love your quotes at the end of your blog! Keep 'em coming.

    You and Bob are so busy, I can't imagine how you keep track of where to go and what to do all the time? You guys wear me out and I am in awe of your energy! Beautiful horse pictures BTW, I love seeing them.

    Love and hugs!

  2. These pictures are beautiful Auntie Lea!