Monday, June 15, 2009


Our ugly porch got windows today. Both front windows and one on the R side. It is looking better but is still ugly. It is getting closer to not being though.

I took a picture of the color of the siding but it looks faded out and kind of grey instead of the green that it is. I will try again tomorrow. Steve worked hard. He finished the well house except the siding. He is supposed to be back here in the morning.

Today we went down to the livestock auction in Davenport. Do you know anyone who does that for entertainment. Bob did buy another steer that will be ready in about a month. If you know anyone who wants to buy meat, we will have some available. But that is not what I was going to tell you. We were sitting there watching the cattle come and go and a guy motioned for Bob to go down to him and out the door. Then in came Angie who is the BLM Mustang person. And, there was a mustang that was an impound horse. Which could mean about anything. We tried to read her brand. Its kind of hard but we think she is about 26 years old. They are trying to find out whether she is titled or not. If she is not, she can not go thru the auction. We should know in the next day or so. If she is not, we will take her until they decided what to do with her. She is thin and sad. And very thin. Maybe a 2 on the BLM chart. Sad. She is greying around her muscle and kneck. Poor old girl. Life has been difficult for her. If she is titled, next Monday she will probably go thru the auction for 10.00.

Remember: Friendship compounded of esteen and love, derives from one its tenderness and its permanence from the other.
Samuel Johnson

Have a friendfilled Tuesday.

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