Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Cody just standing there. His owner came our today and worked with him a bit. Old Cody has been fibbing to us about what he knows and what he doesn't. He truely loves Bonnie and I don't think she will let him go to anyone when we get him going. After he went to that "trainer" that did nothing he regressed and we just have to get him back to where he was. Bonnie sat on him once and he did not explode like that guy said he did. So we know about where he is in his training. I will be glad when I can really get into this. I miss getting in and working up a sweat with the horses.
This is a picture I could not find yesterday of Bryant. We are still proud of him today and will be. Nikki -at her blog Nikki and her boys - calls him Skater Dude. I call him sweet.
A good day. Bob went to Yakima today for work. Now he has the rest of the week off and the first 3 days next week. He did not get back in time to turn in what he went after. Locked up in our back yard is a Kia full of hand held computers. $500,000 worth. I think we will both sleep lightly.
PT was better today. Jeff did not try to move my shoulder blade. In fact it feels better than it has for a while. Now if I could just go and get a good massage and a pedicure I would think I was in seventh heaven.
Remember: It is important to make your personal environment as comfortable and uplifing as possible. Look foreward to a grand Thursday.