Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I forgot when I was writing my blog that I intended to add, I have been tagged by Barbara at Serentiy Room to tell 6 things about myself. It does not say whether they are known facts or something not so known. She had 600 recipe books. I can tell you thats not on my list. If I never cooked again I would not care but down to my 6:

1. My hair started turning white when I was 19

2. I LOVE strawberry ice cream

3. I love lilacs but am really allergic to their fragrance.

4. Inside I am still the same horse crazy girl I was when I was a kid. Still am horse crazy.

5. I would love to live in Burns, Oregon

6. I could break the bank buying books.

Now to tag 6 other

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Thanks all: sometimes this is fun to check each other out.

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