Thursday, June 4, 2009


A very busy day....I lost my cell phone yesterday and looked all over using Bob's phone to call it. Everywhere I can remember I was. No luck so went to Wireless Solutions in Airway Heights and got a new one. I don't know when I will get all my numbers back in. I had over a hundred and it was my brain. At least I have one. That took up a good part of my morning. I had lunch with a good friend Helen. We have a good time when we have lunch together. Then off to Wally World to get a few groceries and home.

This was our Mustang Horse Club meeting instead of last month when I was gone. No many there but one new man Charles. He does not have mustangs but he does ride and has horses and wants someone to ride with. We made him as welcome as we could. Hope he comes back. We will have nicer first place ribbons and generic smaller ones for 2nd. thru 5th. No year on them so we can use them again.

Bob is working the second half of this week so the horses are not getting worked so much and I have been busy. Tiny Tim is doing well too.

Take care and hope your Friday is relaxed. I intend to do my best to do that.