Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday June 29th.,

These pictures are from Mustang Days which is where I have been. Katie (not our Katie) got on Yuma for the very first time ever. I thought he might buck but he didn't. He wondered what the heck she was doing. For the first time he has ever been anywhere he did marvelous. He talked alot which made people laugh but I was very proud of him. He looked so handsome all duded up. The bottom picture is Katie (our Katie) showing Yuma in the halter class. He got 2nd. I was so proud of the little guy.
Mustang Days was very successful. I am so proud of our entire club. We worked so hard and it all paid off. Hip hip hooray for everyone and a big special thank you to everyone for all the hard work. Most of you are totally unfamiliar with horse shows and you pitched right in. Thank you thank you thank you. We had 21 entries. The Open halter class had 11 horses in it. Wow. Our judge was Tracey Westbury. She did a good job. Even helped me out when I forgot the trail pattern and the showmanship patterns and got them for me. Thank you Tracey.
We about had a disaster here a little while ago. The hose blew off in the cooler and it was blowing water all over the dining room. Could have been worse but it scared us. The floor got a good washing. Am glad we do not have carpet in there.
If I am gone for a day or 2 don't be alarmed. I GOT MY NEW COMPUTER TODAY. Jim is coming tomorrow to help me get things off here first. Maybe we can do it all tomorrow. I am excited about it.
This has been a day to regroup, do the stuff I needed to do to finish up the horse show and get a deposit ready to take to the bank. I sure do get more tired quicker than I used to. And it takes longer to recover.
Remember: True friendship forsesees the needs of others rather than proclaims its own.
Andre' Maurois.
A good days a comin...............................................

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