Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coyote Ice Cream AKA Cody

Cody came today. He is a really different color. He was a fright to catch. Bob had to rope him then he was caught and I could put his halter on OK. He did not want in the trailer at all but finally he hopped in.
Isn't that a unique mane and forelock? We could walk up to him and pet him this evening. Bob is doing most of the work with him because he has always been handled by a woman. Thus, I was the one to put his halter on.

He is a beauty. She will give him to someone who will give him a good home. He needs some work. He is from Coyote Lakes HMA and is 4 years old. He is about 14 3 hands and built very stocky. He went to a trainer that charged her 800.00, thru a saddle on him and did not ground work and he bucked. Surprise - the guy never got on him again. We are starting at the beginning.
I started Physical Therapy today. It felt good most of the time. He never completely got the knot out of my shoulder but it is better.
We got our first entry to the Mustang Days Open Schooling Show on June 28th. A mule. I am excited for the entries to start.
Bob goes to work tomorrow and Friday. Then next week works Mon. Tues. Wed. Give us more time. I have lost my cell phone. I had it after I got home. Bob is outisde in the dark walking around calling it. Darn. Need it.
Thursday is coming - more sun.


  1. Lea,
    Could you explain what happened when Bob roped Coyote Ice Cream Cody boy. Did he put up a fight? I've wondered about roping Echo. I'm at the end of my rope with him, ha ha. Give me a call or comment me when you are going to be down in this neck of the woods. I would like you to look at my boys.
    Arlene down in Odessa.

  2. Has dad been on him yet? :D

  3. Lea--I need you guys to come out and see Beautiful and sign my paperwork. Yay!!! :):)


  4. Linda, you are on my list I got from BLM and could come whenever it is convenient for you. Let me know.

    Arlene, he ran a while and when he stopped Bob picked up the rope. Could we come down next Wed, Thurs. or Fri?

    Sharon, it is something isn't it. It needs conditioner and brushed but it still is gorgeous.

    Nikki - hahahahahahah