Sunday, June 7, 2009


This going to be short again because I am yammering at the blasted computer. I swear, on my list of things this summer, a new computer is among them. I need help getting ready though and I asked Jim Spring to come. I will gladly pay him to get this ready.

I worked with Cody today. I learned that he knows how to lunge. Better on a lunge line than free but we worked on that. He knows whoa to the left but to the right he is not so reponsive. I learned that I can touch him all over with the lunge whip, wrap the string around all over. Better on the right than left and I could touch him with the white flag all over again on one side better than others. He did not understand giveing his rear end but got it OK after a bit. He did not know pivoting on the front end but got a couple of good crossovers both ways. He leads well. He would stop when I stopped and walk off with me when I moved my shoulder foreward so he has had some good ground work. We will need to work on that off side and see what he does with a saddle pad. I worked with him about 45 minutes. I would have done more but was afraid he would pull my shoulder. My goal this week is to tie at the hitch rail and get as good with the off side and to put a saddle pad on him. I forgot to take my camera down there so no pictures.

Oh, and our grandson Joel found my cell phone. Now I have 2. I am going in and have my good one reactivated tomorrow on the way to PT and have the other for a spare if this happens again. I was stuffed down and behind in the truck.

Kind of a lazy day. We went to church and I lay around all afternoon. Bob got in a load of hay. We got some really nice grass hay from someplace in Greenbluff. Two of our grandsons went and helped him. Ryan is a husky 12 and Joel is an adult. It was good to have their assistance.

Remember - Hurrying becomes a habit - slow down and enjoy your Monday.


  1. You should ask at the cell phone store if they have the machine that can transfer all your phone numbers onto the other phone. It's easy and I think it only takes a minute. That way if you lose the other one again you'll still have your numbers.

  2. When your ready to buy the computer I'll find out what you need but you do need to get your stuff off that one.