Monday, June 1, 2009


Goodness gracious but this has been a busy past month. I did work Sunday at a horse show out in the Spokane valley. It was so hot and no shade. Thank God for sunscreen. I only got a little pink above my shirt. I did wear a longsleeved light weight shirt over it and that was partly a help. Today I had good intentions - I was going to catch the laundry all up and thoroughly clean our bathroom and bedroom.

Well about 11 Bob said he was going to the auction, did I want to go. Of course I did. We bought a pig which went directly to the butcher shop. We stayed for a while and then came home. Bob took the trailer back to pick up the pig and take it out to Dunhams. I did put the horses out in the pasture. They were looking foreward to me opening the gate. When it was time to put them back in - 3 hrs. - and they would not come. I was stomping back and forth getting more irritated by the minute and I looked over at the cows. There was one too many babies.

We had watched Posie when we first got her and had about decided she just had a hay belly and we would probably sell her for meat this fall. She did not make a bag at all. Well, this evening we discovered sometime in the last 24 hrs. she had the littlest baby. We could not get close enough to tell boy or girl but its so cute and was so active. A really nice surprise this evening.

The horses got put in by Bob when he got home. The four wheeler makes it much easier. It was next door with the sprayer attatched so I didn't take it. They respect that though.

Hope you had a surprise today.