Friday, June 5, 2009


Out my front door this evening. One of my favorite things about living here are the stunning sunsets.

Finished one of my garden boxes today. It has beans, zuchini, cucumbers and tomatoes. I also found a package of pumpkin seens several years old. I fixed one of my flower containers and planted them in there. I don't know if they will sprout or not. We will see though. Bob will finish my other box and will get the rest in. I know it sounds late but the snow was only off Mt. Spokane since the end of last week and that is the sign, according to old timers, that it is OK to plant with no more fear of frost till fall. So I am going with the old timers this year. The things I planted early got touched by frost and were sooooooo slow coming up, I think waiting is better.

Our bedroom TV bit the dust this morning. So I am not getting to watch the Mariners game tonight. Its not fatal but I enjoy listening while I am working here.

Remember Mustang Days in 3 weeks. Anybody with any donations of raffle items? Or, can you ask for some. I don't do well with that - asking.

Saturdays a comin'


  1. Your gardens not late at all.

  2. The sunset is beautiful!! Love it! I'm still planting things and replanting things in my garden, so I'm sure you'll be fine. This is of course being written by a new veggie grower...