Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sore and aching Saturday

This is Melissa with her black Wyoming mustang. I can not remember the horses name. I think its an Indian name. I asked her so many times I am embarrassed. She was a new rider with us today. Welcome Melissa. This person is Terri. She did not ride a mustang but a beautiful buckskin Missouri Foxtrotter. She was new to us today too. Welcome. They came with a friends dad Charlie. He rode a grey arabian cross mare. We welcome theme to the groupl It was fun and when I had ridden all I could and had to walk a way, Charlie got off and walked with him. I appreciated that so much.We stopped to eat lunch in the shade. We rode 12 miles. In the heat and I think it was a little much for all of us. Other than being sore I think the only near wreck we had was John on Cisco. Cisco had a tantrum and laid down with John on his back. John is Andrea's husband. We were glad to have him join us too.

Laura Richards and her horse Danny. He is a big QH. She has been part of our group for a while.

Bob Andrea and John at lunch. I think that is Melissa off to the left. We were so happy to have Mike and Jo Cameron ride with us. We had not seen them in a long time. They ride Tennessee Walkers. I think there were 10 of us. A nice ride on a hot day. I hope my aches have gone by tomorrow morning.

Katie rode Pepper because we could not catch Abby. She was going to meet us there. I have made a major decision I think. I am thinking of finding a home for Dixie. She pony's packs and nothing spooks her. She has way too much energy for me at my age. I really prefer to ride Pepper and plod along. She is easy to rode if she is ridden more. Then she settles down and is a great horse. She crosses water, goes anywhere you point her. Its just her energy level is so high when she is not ridden often and my old body needs the plugging along.
Remember: Beautiful young people are accident of nature - but beautiful old people are works of art.
Eleanor Roosevelt
I feel old tonight but don't know about the work of art. Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. I had fun today. I hope your aches go away quickly!

    The beautiful black mustang was Akira. I don't know if I'm spelling it right though. I hope she can come to Mustang Days!

  2. 12 miles! I'm impressed....

  3. Suzy - So was I. My body wasn't.

    Thank you Andrea, I wrote it down. Maybe I won't for get now.

    Sharonb, I am, just a sore rear.