Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

These are pictures of the Granny. She is a very sweet old lady. I picked up both her front feet and she did that fine. Her hind feet were a little more touchy. She is loving the grass, I do not believe she has picked up her head in 24 hrs.

She deserves somewhere to live her life out being pampered and loved. I will hate for her to go back to the corralls but that is where she is headed if we can't find a permanent home for her.
Today I am thankful for my little garden. Tomatoes have started, beans are coming up, radishes are up, lettuce is rising out of the dirt. I have wanted a garden for several years and am so thankful Bob built me the boxes. It makes sit so much easier on my back.

These are the raspberries that are coming right along. They are something I have wanted for a long time. They are getting little green berries starting. We need to put posts up and wires for them to grow on and lean on.
These are radishes that are coming up the farthest.. I love the boxes.

Tomatoes are setting too. Have 3 other plants in a planter. So on this thankful Tuesday, its my garden that I am thankful for.
We are going to a bbq this evening and won't get home until late so am doing this early in the afternoon. The weather doesn't look too good for a bbq but its a fareweall to our goodfriends Bernie and Sherrie who are leaving for Montana. Hate it when friends that you really care about move away.

Remember: If the point is sharp, and the arrow is swift, it can pierce through the dust no matter how thick.
Bob Dylan
Hope your dust is good and you have a good Thursday.


  1. OK Brownie AKA Dr. Doolittle wants to buy your old Granny Horse. Of course we can't get her here but he will pay you to keep her and feed her and whatever else you need. He almost had a coronary because he thinks she could end up dog food! If nobody there wants her Brownie does :) but you get all the fun of taking care of her.....sorry..

    Were off to see the Horse Girl/Ballerina in Mississippi this weekend. Will be back some time next week.

  2. That brand is really low on the neck...though if she were sent out 20 years ago they may have done them low in OR back then, too. When does she go back?