Monday, June 8, 2009


I had pictures on the camera that I was going to post tonight but had a little drama with Katie this afternoon and I did not get to the computer with them.

However, I do work with Cody for a time and he forgot he knew whoa so we worked on that. He was much better about his off side though. I did put the saddle pad on him and he was really nervous about it on his back. He did not mind my waving it around and he smelled it and tasted it but it made him nervous up there. We will continue to work on that. He does stand tied well. I just looped the rope around the hitch rack and he stood there like a real gentlmen. I even left him there and went to the barn to get a couple of treats. He was happy about that.

I worked with Rusty a while too. She is definately a strong willed horse. She thought the saddle pad would eat her and did not like it at all. I worked a while and she took it better. I did lead her quite a ways out of her pen or the round pen. That was progress. Time time time.

Remember: Every moment you are alive is a chance for a new beginning. Happy Tuesday to you all.

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  1. I want Rusty in the horse pasture, just to look at her :)