Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today, on this Thankful Tuesday, I am thankful for the time I have had with Dixie. She just has not aged as I have. I talked to the lady who gave her to me. She called the lady who had, had her for 12 years and missed her so much. Her circumstances have changed for really really better and when she found I was going to find Dixie a new home called me immediately and on Thursday is coming to get her. She was sobbing when she talked to me and I am so happy they are going to be reunited.
So, these are my last pictures of Dixie. She will be going back to her real mom. She really has more go than I want in a trail horse so it is really a God sent miracle for them to be reunited.

Ramona from the BLM took this picture of Dixie and I at an adoption in Odessa, WA a year ago. We had a good time. She did give me a ride when she got a piece of bush caught in her tail and tried to spin it away. We both survived though.

This was the first winter she was here. The icecles in her mane don't show up too much. I have enjoyed her and am thankful I could take care of her until Christine could have her back. It will be sad to see her go but its been my choice and I am thankful to have had her.

This is where our house is today. Steve should finish the end tomorrow. We are getting ready to install the new kitchen door and change some wireing around. An electrician came by today to see what she will need there and to change lights around on the ugly porch. This is Bob's days to work so he has not had too much time to work on stuff.
This evening was spent trying to get the neighbors bull home. I was looking at our cows and there was an extra black bull. He is huge - he lives behind us and jumped the fence. Amazingly Billy did not seem to really be bothered by him infringing on his territory. He belongs behind us. We could not get him back thru the fence. We will try again tomorrow.
Remember: A friend is a neighbor of the heart.
Blanche Harris

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  1. Beautiful sentiment. I love how you view your time together as caretaking for her "real mom". You will be blessed for your kindness to her and her former mom. I love stories with happy endings. I am thankful for your story because it has given me reason to smile today. :)