Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Oliver seems to be recovering but he is still oozing blood from around the bandage. Tried to get some of the blood off his face but he wants it there I guess. Bob will be home tomorrow so maybe we can look at it. I will try to take a picture then. I still shudder.

This evening I looked out and all three of the barn horses were at the gate. When I got my coat on and went to the barn to get ready to put them in Pepper disappeared. I put the mares in. Amelia is getting rather pushy about the whole thing. She wants to be first. Then I called and called and looked all around. I called one more time before I came in and called Bob and told him someone had stolen our horse right from under my nose. I heard him answer me and I went looking some more. He had tried to hide from me and got into a little pen behind the barn next door. All the gates were closed and he was stuck. I don't know how he got in there but I do know he was scared and wanted me to get him out. I told him it served him right but I did rescue him and he was very grateful.

I did a town run today and did a ton of errands. Everything from 4 salt blocks to a stack of used books. I am tired.

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