Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thinking Thursday

Today I was thinking:

Once upon a long time ago we lived in small town in western Washington state. There was a mama and a daddy, a grandma, a little sister and me. Life was fun,.

I wanted a horse so bad. I begged for a horse. We had a sweet Jersey cow named Daisy. She tolerated me messing around with her. One day I put an old saddle we had - digressing a moment, I wonder what happened to it and the bridle that went with it - and I tried to bridle her. That did not work. I did get on and ride her however. I think I was 76 or 8. When my daddy caught me riding his milk cow, I remember him telling my mama, "We have got to get that girl a horse to ride so she will leave my milk cow alone."

So, I got the horse of my dreams - or of my young dreams of that time. She was a white mare that I thought was huge but in retrospect, probably no so big. My folks made me mostly ride bareback because they could not always help me saddle her up. I rode all over the country side on her. When she got tired of going, she went home4. I don't remember when or why she was sold but once again I was horseless.

Fast foreword now until I was 12 We had moved out into the country. I loved it out there. One of the first things I remember my parents doing was agreeing to , was me trading my bicycle and $10.00 for a "well broke" 2 year old mustang from Montana. He was bay with a big blaze about 13 hands tall. My parents knew nothing more than I did about horses. A well broke 2 hear old, holy cow. He had been ridden and he was recently gelded. Blaze and I learned together. He was my best friend, confident, and escape from reality. Bob and I had our first "dates" riding our horses over 2/3 of Pierce County. Blaze saw me through my fathers illness and death when I was a senior45 in high school. I taught6 him to do many tricks. Some better than others. I loved him a lot. When I went away to college, I had to sell my as my mama, grandma and sister were moving into town. I sobbed for hours when he left.

To be Continued............................................


  1. I'm looking forward to the rest of this story Lea. blessings, marlene