Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its Tuesday

It sounds like I am doing a yahoo for my kids. Guess I am but they deserve it. Today we had ANOTHER leak outside the pump. Tom had plans for the day but instead he came out and dug open the spot. It was a nasty day and I know it was hard for him but he did it and today I am thankful for a son who would come and help us. Tom, we love you.

When I did the chores this evening and fed the barn kitties. They have grown to 6. Well out of the hay came four little ones. I had no idea they were in there. They did not stay long and I don't know where mama is. She is not one of the 6 we have been feeding. Not a mouse or a rodent in the barn. I wish I could find a home for Fancy. She is so friendly and cute I know at least she would make a good pet.

There was a peculiar sky this evening. I was doing chores and the rain felt like ice chips hitting my cheeks. The SE sky, the S sky and the SW sky were the most awesome pink for about 5 minutes. I am used to beautiful sunsets off to the west here but this was different. Very odd.


  1. I agree, where are the pictures of the barn cats?

  2. We've been having odd, brightly colored sunrises and sunsets, too - I suppose there must be a lot of dust in the atmosphere.