Sunday, November 8, 2009

A rainy Sunday

No pictures, what can you take a picture of when it rains all day. Nada ............... So maybe tomorrow.

Bob is home from hunting. I think its over. He will be sad, I am glad. I like elk meat OK but I don't like being home day after day alone. Oh well, hes done this all while we have been married so guess I should be used to it. He came home with a cold and he best keep it. I have had enough.

Before I forget and I have been for most of the week. Our Nikki's mammogram proved the lump to be nothing. I can't remember what the doctor said it was. We all shed a large sigh of relieve. No something you want a 15 year old to go through. I know that it was not probable at her age to have it be cancer but stranger things have happened.

Hope the rain lets up tomorrow so I can put the barn horses out. They are getting tired of being in and I need to muck out stalls. If it were just rain I would not mind but its cold and rainy. Those old mares should not have to tolerate that.

Have a good Monday.


  1. I was wondering about your granddaughter, but I thought that if you didn't mention it, it must have turned out okay.

    That is wonderful news! I am very glad for you all.

    Yesterday's rain was awful! Glad it's over. For today anyway. Looks windy out right now though.