Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Great thing I forgot to mention

#1 thing is the greatest ever. Tom got called back to work starting tomorrow morning. We are so happy for him. Christy has been working part time at a Day Care too. Isn't that wonderful.

#2 thing is that Christyn's biological mother was found OK. She was at a friends home in Wenatchee. Without going into the ins and outs of that family, it was a good thing that she was found OK because it could just have easily been something else. Its a terribly disfunctional family. Christyn thanks us on a regular basis for taking her away. The week she turned 18 her bio sister called her. Thats another untold story here.l

OK, Now me and my body are going to curl up under the covers with a good book. See you tomorrow.

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