Monday, November 30, 2009


I forgot to add a Saturday Smile so this is it a couple of days late. Bob came in and crawled into bed while I was working on the computer and I turned around and he had company. Maggie had never gotten on the bed before and she was on my pillow. We cracked up and I could not resist taking a picture of Bob and his bed partners. Skeeter always sleeps with us but not Maggie. She wanted to stay really bad.
This is how Olivers horn still looks. It is gross looking and I know it bothers him because he shakes his head often. Poor goat.

Amelia turned and looked after I turned her out this morning. Just before she took off like a shot. Not snow on the ground, just frost. The three I let out each morning always have a little run and buck when I turn them out.
One of my favorite judges from Washington State Horsemen passed away night before last of lung cancer. Harlan was a neat person and I enjoyed working with him. He was a heavy smoker and I told him the last time I saw him he better quit. He just laughed at me. We will all miss him.
Started getting Christmas decorations out today. I hope that Christyn comes out to help me decorate. She is so good at it. We are thinking of going to Nikki's at Christmas for a couple of days.
My old friend Ditto stopping at the salt block before she did her little crowhop and trotted off. That is her pink tongue. She gets salt on her food in the evening but guess it wasn't enough today.
My sister told me about making a jello with whole cranberry sauce. I used raspberry jello and a can of the whole cranberry sauce. She puts nuts in hers but I don't care for nuts in things so I didn't. Oh yummy. You all probably know about it but I hadn't. I really like it.
Life gets busy this time of the year. Hope you all are taking it with a deep breath.


  1. What great pictures you have, Lea! I love the one with Maggie! Poor Oliver. I hope he feels better soon.

  2. Hi there Lea. It sounds like you've been having some nice, relaxing days lately. I'm glad, you deserve it! I love the picture of Bob and the dogs in the bed...very cute! You're right, poor Oliver still looks like he is one sore guy. Too bad goats can't have a couple of tylenol to help with the pain. Have you asked about that? But I guess it would be kind of hard getting a goat to swallow pills huh? I just hate to see animals in pain. Glad you and all the rest of the critters are doing well. Enjoy your quiet time!!

  3. Amelia is saying I'm QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!