Monday, November 23, 2009


This is our Raven. She was given to us by a lady who said she bucked but she doesn't buck. She is a little shy of things on the trail if she thinks she can get away with it. Bob has primarily been the one to ride her but anyone can. She is boss mare in the pasture and the other horses respect her. She is truly a great horse. She was adopted from the Ravendale HMA in northern California. We love her and if you go into the pasture with a halter in your hand she will try to get her head in in whether its her you want or not. The picture was taken last week before the snow fell.

Was walking to the barn this morning to put Pepper, Ditto and Amelia out and the squeak of my boots in the snow made me smile. Love that sound. No new snow but what we had is still here.

I went to the auction to look if they had any ponies or donkey's going thru but they didn't so I came home. Cattle was down and I was glad Bob wasn't there. We don't need any more over the winter. They sold a bunch of 2 day old dairy calves. I hate that. They don't survive the auction usually.

A good day, the sun shone and I am almost all ready for Thanksgiving.


  1. I just love your blog. I will never be able to have a horse or live a life like yours, but sure do enjoy reading about it all. Thank you.Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. I love Raven..Kiss Amelia for me.. and I know you will cuz you and I kiss horses, cats, dogs and other critters :)

  3. Mitzi, am glad you enjoy it.

    Sharon - Yes, other critters too.

  4. Lea, I'm glad you have you for a friend, and I enjoy reading your posts. I wish I could visit more often. Hows that "old" goat of yours doing? ( I don't mean Bob. ha ha ) Is he healing ok? By the way, your house looks nice too. Just want to add,
    "Happy Thanksgiving"!.